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Car as a Service (II)

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Pues parece que el Car as a Service  que reflexionaba hace unos días no era una utopía 🙂

Car-sharing clubs, in which drivers pay an annual fee for access to cars that can be rented by the hour, have seen rapid growth in the UK this year amid rising car taxes and parking fees and soaring fuel costs.

The clubs, which place cars in parking bays around neighbourhoods, have won the backing of local authorities, especially in London, as a way of beating congestion by encouraging residents to forgo their own vehicles.

Streetcar and City Car Club, the UK’s two biggest clubs, have a combined 51,000 members and the industry is expected to grow 11-fold in the next four years.

Streetcar, the UK’s biggest, is about to announce plans to launch in its seventh city – Oxford. The club will put cars in five locations around the city later this month and expects to double that within six months.

Written by jpocalles

noviembre 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm