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ESA Telecom Newcomers : EkoSea

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El Viernes pasado asistí en Noordwijk (Holanda) a la presentación de la edición 2008 del programa Telecom Newcomers de la Agencia Espacial Europea.

Con nuestro proyecto EkoSea pretendemos crear un nuevo paradigma en las comunicaciones en un barco de crucero : Internamente a través del cableado eléctrico, y a nivel externo en comunicación con satélite.  Dotar con PLC todo un barco abre un sinfin de posibilidades , como puede ser videovigilancia o acceso a internet desde los camarotes. Cualquier dispositivo inalámbrico, ya sea wifi o las antenas de telefonía móvil pasan por ser IP . En un barco por su estructura metálica las señales inalámbricas no traspasan las paredes y es inviable técnicamente trazar nuevo cableado.

Dado que para intervenir en un proyecto de la Agencia Espacial Europea implica inglés fluído , aquí dejo los detalles de la iniciativa :

ESA Telecom offers an exciting opportunity for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) entering into the field of satellite communications with the Initiative for ESA Telecom Newcomers (IETN). The IETN is designed to support SMEs through the early stages of research and development of services for the satcom market.

The field of satellite communications can be a difficult one for smaller businesses to enter. The technical and commercial risks, as well as the perceived complexity of the area, can act as strong deterrents to entrepreneurs and potential financiers alike.

However, satcom provides many exciting possibilities for new technology, applications and services and it is not only the large enterprises that can exploit these opportunities successfully.  The IETN aims to support SMEs in the development of services or applications emerging from the creative use of existing satellite technology such as multimedia, Internet, mobile applications, or systems or technologies to support new, or improve existing, services.

The scheme provides for the award of development contracts with the financial support up to 50% (max 200,000 Euro) for integration and demonstration activities based on existing technologies tailored to pre-operational products, systems and applications, with identified market opportunities.

In addition to the financial support, ESA will also use its expertise and contacts to bring together complementary ideas and ventures in the satcom field.

The aim of the Initiative for ESA Telecom Newcomers is to ensure that at the conclusion of the project, companies are in a position to progress the commercial exploitation of their proposal, either independently or possibly through one of ESA’s alternative schemes, e.g. the Multimedia programme.

Who is eligible?
Any small or medium-sized business from a country participating in the Initiative for ESA Telecom Newcomers is eligible to apply. Participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France (from 2009 onwards), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland .

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octubre 22, 2008 at 10:28 am